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Backyard Camp Out

Kid Birthday Party Backyard Camp Out
Unroll the sleeping bags and put up the tent...It's Camp Out time!  Enjoy the elements of nature as you "rough it" in your own backyard.  So, build a campfire and get ready to stare up at the stars in the clear night sky and inhale some fresh air.   Choose from a Flashlight Scavengar Hunt, compete in a Tag-In Obstacle Course, or tell Campfire Stories.  Have your guests create Decorative Paper Lanterns, Paint River Rocks, or make a Yummy Banana Boat.  Whatever you choose, all of these activities are certain to make your camping party loads of outdoor fun.

Paw Pawty

Kid Birthday Party Paw Pawty
Do you have a little one that is canine crazy?  Well, this pawty is definitely the right pedigree. Your kid will feel like the "pick of the litter" when they lay their big puppy dog eyes on this super cute theme.  So, gather those dog lovers and choose from a pet-friendly game of Chase the Kitty, jam to Who Let the Dogs Out with an interactive game of Musical Paws, go on a hunt to Fetch the Bones, or play a fun game of Doggy Bingo.  Have your guests decorate a dog collar, make doggy ears, get their faces painted like their favorite pooch, or create a Puppy Puppet. Whatever you choose, all of your guests are sure to have a doggone good time! 


Pretty Ballerina

Kid Birthday Party Pretty Ballerina
Transform your little princess into a beautiful ballerina with this pretty, pink party.  By using our decorations, you will be able to create a staging area that's ready for any grand performance.  Set the ambience with charming classical music. The little girls will feel as graceful as prima ballerinas while they twirl on their toes until their hearts are content. Choose from a Ballerina Dance Solo, Ice Princess Freeze Tag, or Ballerina Freeze Dance.  Also, have the guests create a Handprint Ballerina, a Twirling Ribbon Ring, or a Precious Snowflake Ballerina.  Whatever you choose, leave your party guests floating on air as you give them a day to remember.