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You Did It, 2016 Graduate
and Congratulations
Leave all the pomp and circumstance to the ceremony, because it's time to party.   Your graduate has worked hard.  Show them how proud you are by hosting a bash for the ages to say sayonara to this chapter in their life.  It's been a long time coming, let's send your graduate off in style!  Choose from a wild and crazy Grad Picture/Video Challenge, determine who knows the most in a friendly competition of Are You Smarter Than a High School Graduate, play a round of Never Have I Ever - Grad Edition, or pretend to race around the world while experiencing different cultures in a fabulously fun game of Study Abroad.  Have your guests create a Predictions' Time Capsule to guess what the graduate will have accomplished at different stages in their life, make sure the guest of honor never forgets this special time by signing a Memory Moniker, or have everyone pose for pictures in a fun grad themed Photobooth.  Whatever you choose, your graduate is sure to leave feeling excited about the next chapter in their life. 
You Did It
2016 Graduate
Graduation Party You Did It
Graduation Party 2016 Graduate
Graduation Party Congratulations
Aged to Perfection, 50 and Fabulous
and Over the Hill
So many many reasons to celebrate.  Your guest of honor will shine in the spolight as they party in style at this "golden" milestone celebration.  Imagine your loved one surrounded by family and friends, in a room full of laughter and joy...ahh yes, this will be a night to remember.  Choose from a trip down memory lane in a competitive elimination game of Flashback, jog everyone's memory in Blast From the Past, see who can guess how much things cost when the guest of honor was borm,  experience "Theme Song" Nostalgia, and set up a vintage game station that will have all of your guests longing for the good ole days.  You can also have everyone pose for pictures in a stylish photobooth.   Whatever you choose, this classic theme will definitely leave everyone in the room feeling young again.
Aged to Perfection
50 and Fabulous
Over the Hill
50th Birthday Party Aged to Perfection
50th Birthday Party Over the Hill
50th Birthday Party 50 and Fabulous